Winter Fashion Essentials

by Sam P. | November 24th, 2015 | Essentials, Pending, Teen Fashion

teen girl winter (400x400)Depending on where you live, your winter may not be as cold as others, but up here in New England it gets quite nippy.  These are what I consider to be the winter essentials for where I live, but if you live somewhere warmer you may need to adjust these so you aren’t too toasty this winter.  Keep the color schemes the same, though, as this winter’s color palette is essential to your wardrobe.  This winter is also about smart picks, things that really will keep you warm instead of just looking cute.

The first winter essential is a good jacket.  Last year was all about pea coats in bright eye catching colors, those are still quite fashionable, but the real star this winter is the anorak jacket or a parka.  If you live somewhere a bit warmer the anorak jacket is definitely for you, but they are also big enough that they fit perfectly over lots of bulky layers for the colder locations.  Choose a dark, cool colors, like army green, navy blue, black, or gray.  Shy away from light tans as they tend to get dirty very fast.  I personally love an army green parka with a faux wool lined hood.  It adds another layer of warmth to any outfit without killing the cuteness.

The next winter essential is a good scarf.  And not just a cute scarf for a pop of color, a nice thick scarf to keep you toasty warm.  Choose a bulky infinity scarf that you can loop around a few times.  I adore thick knitted scarves in cream and off white colors.  They really brighten up your whole look, especially against your dark coat.

Another essential for this winter is a good pair of joggers.  I am a huge fan of simple gray joggers, but if you want to add a bit of color into your wardrobe with your joggers you totally can.  Joggers are an essential because in the cold winter months you want to be as warm and comfy as possible.  Joggers are perfect for this because they are super comfy sweatpants, but in a flattering and fashionable cut for once.

Lastly, a good pair of boots.  Whether you choose Timberlands, combat boots, or ankle booties, you need a go to boot that you can wear with essentially anything to keep your feet warm.  Sure moccasins are warm with their fur lining, but they don’t offer any protection from cold, slushy puddles.  And you can’t count of sneakers or flats for warmth.  An additional pair of knee high boots is a great investment, as well.  They may not go with as much as a lower cut boot, but they add great variety to your wardrobe and will almost always be in style.

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