Winter Must Haves

by Sam P. | December 10th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

girl in coat and scarfNow, winter isn’t my favorite season, but I do love the layering and style opportunities.  Everything is comfy and warm, not to mention super cute.  I have a few pieces of clothing that I think everyone needs to survive the cold holiday season.

A chambray or oxford blouse.  The usual white blouse gets boring after a little while, so mix it up with a blue oxford or a chambray blouse.  They layer well and even though chambrays are denim, they look good with jeans.  Both are versatile and very chic.

A crew-neck sweater.  These work great with a blue oxford or a chambray blouse.  Layering them over the blouse is a very preppy casual look that works for any occasion.  If you’re using the sweater for layering, try to get one that isn’t skin tight so it will fit over the blouse.

Of course, everyone needs a winter coat, but a bright one will make your outfit complete. Go with a color that won’t clash with your clothes, but is still flattering.  If you tend to wear cool colors opt for a salmon or red colored coat. If you wear mostly wear warm colors go with a blue or purple.  If you wear both, go with a green coat.

Boots.  I know I have talked about boots before, but if you’re only going to get one pair of boots this winter, go with a pair that is lined with fur to keep your tootsies warm in the snow and are waterproof, but still chic.  Look for ones that go up as close to your knee as you can get so that snow can’t fall in.

A sweater dress.  I love knit sweater dresses.  They are so comfy and are very versatile.  You can wear them casually, or dress them up and make them work for a nicer event.  Sweater dresses work great on days when you just don’t feel like pulling on another pair of jeans.

A brightly patterned scarf.  If you are ever feeling like you outfit is feeling a little drab, grab a scarf.  Not only will they add a pop of color or pattern, they keep you warm.  I know it sound silly, but scarfs really will keep you warmer.  Most of your heat is lost through your head and neck and by wrapping a scarf around your neck you keep the warmth in.  It also allows less skin to be exposed to the harsh, cold, drying winter air.

All of these items are winter fashion necessities.  But a lot of these aren’t just a fashion necessity; they are smart clothing choices to keep you warmer.  Whether you’re layering, or wearing versatile outside snow to fashion boots, all of these should be on your holiday wish list.

(Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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