Women’s Fashions Online – Part 1

by Anna P. | September 27th, 2011 | Women's Fashion

Fashionable clothes and trendy accessories are a must-have for any fashion lover, but unfortunately, the current state of the economy prevents many of us from buying the hottest item of the season. The one good thing to come out of a bad economy is that lots of women are looking for new stores and ways to save money while filling up their closet.

The best place to start hunting for amazing buys? Your computer! Here are some incredible websites to check out today. Welcome to part 1 of Hunting for Rock-Bottom Budget Women’s Fashion Online.


I know people always talk about how eBay is the best website to find affordable designer fashions, but I think 6pm.com is a much better option. First, they have a lot of clothes that retail for 30% or more off the MSRP price, and sometimes you’ll find items that were marked down 80% off.  At 6pm.com, you will find lots of designer garments, handbags, shoes, and more at truly amazing prices every day, which is unlike most stores that offer big markdowns only twice a year. The only caveat about shopping at 6pm.com is that things go really fast! If you have your eye on a certain item, and it’s in the right size and color, you better buy it right away, because it may not be there in an hour.


Why go to a craft fair when you can check out Etsy.com right in the comfort of your own home? If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind accessories or vintage pieces, Etsy.com is the website to check out. This large online craft market is full of individually-owned shops and small companies that sell a wide variety of handmade goods and crafts. You’ll find handbags, clothes, dresses, jewelry, scarves, and even beauty products, all at amazingly low prices.

Part 2 coming next week.

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