Wow at the Office this Fall

by Lori Sciame | October 9th, 2013 | Office Wear

business womanLooking good at the office speaks volumes for one’s sense of self.  Come to work wearing slacks with frayed hems and scuffed shoes, and even if you are the model employee, your clothing mishaps with bring your credibility down.  Even if money is tight, a woman can look her best on the job, which, in turn, will help her advance in the long run. Instead of thinking that others won’t see missing buttons or busted out seams, think again. Vow to wow at the office.

The first thing one needs to do to boost an office wardrobe: weed out worn out items.  You should give up your “go to” outfit, as you’ve worn it every Monday for the last four years.  It may be easy to throw on this matching skirt and sweater after a fun weekend, but there comes a time to move on to fresh pieces, those that will impress instead of bore.

After getting rid of overused clothing, take inventory of what clothing can be fixed.  For instance, can new buttons be added to replace missing ones?  Can pants with frayed hems be made into capris?  And can holes in any favorite sweaters be fixed or patched with a cute applique?  Taking the time to repair clothing can go a long way to prove you care about your appearance.

As I mentioned, many women let their work wardrobe become shabby, as they have so many other places that their money needs to go…namely to children’s needs; however, it a woman looks for coupons and special sales, she can begin to revamp her look for little cost.  For instance, Kohl’s Department Store features its Gold Star Clearance at the end of each season.  Staples such as skirts, slacks, and camis can be found for under $10 during these sales.  It does take patience to weed through the piles of clothing, but I’ve always scored super deals on work clothes by sifting through what’s on final clearance.

For some, even a department store might be too costly.  For these ladies, Good Will and the Salvation Army can be a source of good quality office wear.  I have a friend who prides herself on what she finds at such second-hand clothing stores.  Since meeting her, I’ve become a regular at these establishments myself, and just last week I bought a brand new fall blazer (with the tags still on) for only $5.00!  Again, patience remains key when tackling the racks of slacks and blouses, but the hard work will pay off.

Finally, adding accessories will also add flair to a tired office wardrobe. Pick up a few summer scarves on clearance to complement fall sweaters.  There are dozens of fun ways to knot scarves, so research a new way to do so.  You’ll be surprised at how much more put together you will look.

Looking good at the office, no matter your income, can be accomplished.  Follow the above steps, and your blah office wardrobe can be transformed into something that will wow your co-workers, while impressing your boss.

(Photo courtesy of Moi Cody)

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