Wow at the Office

by Lori Sciame | January 30th, 2013 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

It’s the first day at a new job, and looking good takes on new importance.  Dress too trendy, and risk being not taken seriously.  Dress too stuffy, and risk being thought of as a hasbeen. It’s as Al Koran once said, “the world sums you up by the clothes that you wear, and treats you accordingly.” For this reason, great care needs to be taken when assembling an office wardrobe, as dressing for success never goes out of style.

Ditch the Comfort Clothes

When acquiring a new office wardrobe, remember to steer clear of clothes that can be deemed as too comfortable.  For example, never wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt to the office, even on a casual day.  Unless the boss wears something like sweat pants or a track suit, don’t assume comfortable clothing would be acceptable.

Exceptions to this rule include colorful flats, as these can be a welcome break from heels, and flowing tops in patterns or bold colors instead of see through fabrics.

Steer Clear of Dated Clothing and Accessories

A woman who has been out of the workforce for several years may not realize that no one should wear nude hose with suits anymore.  In order to be seen as modern, a woman should take time to research what is considered fashionable at the office in 2013.  Soon, it will become apparent that statement necklaces have replaces single long strands of beads, and shoulder pads only look good on football players.

Act Your Age (or Not!)

Once rule of dressing for the office: act your age (or not).  I don’t mean that if a woman is 65 that she needs to dress in a more mature manner, I just mean that a woman who is 65 should dress so as to play up her best features.  For example, as women age, many end up with deep neck wrinkles.  Opting for chic turtlenecks and trendy scarves can help to hide this small imperfection.  Or, if a woman is a very young looking 22, she may benefit from not buying clothing from the juniors section, as she may give off the impression of being too inexperienced for the job.  The lesson:  dress in the style, or “age,” of clothing that will send the right message to colleagues.

Make Yourself Feel Good

When beginning a new career or changing to a new office, taking the time to research office wear trends, and buying pieces that highlight a best feature will make a woman feel good.  To assist the process, assemble a variety of outfits before the first day on the job, including accessories.  Make mental note of each outfit, so when the work works begin to fly by, finding something to wear – that looks good – is still easy to do.  It follows that if a woman’s wardrobe has been carefully planned, she will tend to feel much better about herself in general.

Wow at Work

A woman can look good at the office at any age; it merely takes research and planning.  Remember, dress how you want to be treated.



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