Writing a Complaint Letter to a Store

by Patti | July 30th, 2009 | Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion

laptop (2)Writing a complaint letter is not an enviable task, but sometimes it is a necessary one. If a complaint letter is written well, the end result can be successful. Complaint letters to stores of any kind can be used as a way to bring customer service practices into question, and also can be a way to have money refunded, products replaced or company policies modified for the greater good of customers.

To be most effective, a complaint letter should be a letter as opposed to an e-mail. A letter is more formal and therefore more likely to be taken seriously. As well in a legal proceeding, a letter holds weight whereas an e-mail very often does not.

If you see a need to write a complaint letter, then make sure you identify what your objective is in writing it, as well as what the outcome is that you wish to achieve. Always zero in on your bottom line and then stick to the point of the letter.

Do not write your letter to the complaint department or to “Dear sir or madam”. Take the time to call the company and find out the name of the person to whom the letter should be directed. This ensures prompt service and more chance of success.

Tips for Writing Complaint Letters

Complaint letters need to be phrased in the proper manner in order for positive results to come from them. It is always good practice to start off your letter on a positive note. Make mention of a positive aspect of the company that always has been of benefit to you before you launch into the reason for your letter.

Type your letter if possible and make sure you spell check it before sending it. If you must hand write it, then make sure that it is legible.

Write a short letter that is concise and no more than one page in length. Keep your paragraphs short and easy to read. Make sure that you include all pertinent information, such as product information, names, and dates.

Put yourself in the shoes of the individual reading the letter and then write a letter that is diplomatic and courteous. Regardless of how warranted your complaint is, never resort to insults, a sarcastic tone or threats.

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