You Should Cuff Your Jeans

by Jacob Parzych | October 16th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

guys jeans“Yes, you.  You, that man, sitting there in that boring pair of jeans.  Did you notice that I called them boring?  That’s because plain blue jeans are boring.  Sorry, bud, but it is true.  They’re boring. “

“They could be fun though…  Do you wanna know how?”  (I know you do)

“Cuff those bad boys!  Yes, I know it isn’t summer… You can cuff jeans in seasons other than the summer, ya know?  Specifically, you can cuff them in the fall.  I know you don’t believe me, but you should.  Really.”

I know that little one sided conversation there might have sounded a little bit ridiculous, but there’s a point to it.  I’m trying to convince people to start cuffing their jeans.  It’s fun and it helps keep a pair of boring blue jeans interesting.  Let me list the ways…

  • You can wear fun socks and people will actually notice.  In my last article, I discussed the virtue of fun socks.  Well, if your jeans are too long, no one will see the fun socks.  If your jeans are cuffed, everyone will see the socks.  And no, that isn’t dorky.
  • You can wear a variety of different shoes with cuffed jeans.  For example, you can wear boat shoes, high tops, loafers, and other shoes with your cuffed jeans.
  • They keep the jeans from being monotone.  If you’re wearing dark jeans, it provides a stripe of lighter color and keeps your outfit interesting.

With all of this said, there are also some downsides to cuffing your jeans…

  • Like anything else, do not do it too much.  If you cuff your jeans too often, it becomes boring.  Also, some outfits simply do not work with cuffed jeans (like boots).
  • If you’re a short guy, don’t cuff your jeans a lot.  This will make you look even shorter than you are, which is not something that you want.  Instead, save the cuffing for special occasions.
  • Don’t cuff baggy jeans.  If you insist on wearing baggy jeans, don’t cuff them.  You look kinda silly with big, baggy cuffs around your ankles, so I would avoid it.  Instead, stop wearing baggy jeans altogether.  That will solve your problems!

Blue jeans are boring after a while, but still serve as a staple of most men’s wardrobes, including my own.  Thus, one needs to keep them interesting now and then.  In order to keep it fun, consider cuffing your jeans!  It’s a good look (most of the time).

(Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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