Your Absolute Guide to Shower Cabins – and Why You Need One

by Editorial Team | October 15th, 2015 | Women's Beauty

towelWho doesn’t like spending time in a long, hot shower, especially at the end of a long and tiring day? Showers are a necessity for any modern bathroom, as they make taking care of your hygiene needs much easier and more convenient.

If you are thinking of refurbishing your existing bathroom or are building an entirely new one, you definitely need a shower. But the question is, what kind of shower should you get? Whilst you can have a shower built for your bathroom, this takes a lot of time, not to mention effort and expense. A built-in shower can also take up valuable space, which is not recommended if you have a small bathroom.

Fortunately, you have an alternative option. Shower cabins and cubicles offer an all-around solution to any bathroom, as they are compact yet practical and efficient, and they can fit into almost any bathroom as well (find out more at, which has a varied selection of shower cubicles and cabins for every taste and preference). Even if you can only allot one small corner of your bathroom for a shower, you are guaranteed to find a shower cabin that fits right into it.

Why a shower cabin is a better alternative to a walk-in or built-in shower

Nowadays, space is more precious than ever. And, more often than not, the bathroom is the one room in the home that suffers from a lack of space. If you have a tiny bathroom, you can’t possibly fit a bathtub into it. So what do you need? A shower cabin. A shower cabin can easily fit into a corner and comes with a host of accessories and features as well. What’s more, a shower cabin is relatively easy to install, as it is already pre-made. The following are a few more benefits of shower cabins:

Enhanced practicality and efficiency

Shower cabins and cubicles offer outstanding benefits in terms of practicality and efficiency. Most shower enclosures and cabins today come with storage features for your toiletries and other items so you can have an easier time in the shower with your soaps, shampoos, and the like. If you decide to have a walk-in or built-in shower, you still have to worry about storage for your bathroom toiletries and will have to spend extra for all these fixtures and shelves.

And, with a shower cabin, you can do away with a messy and unwieldy shower curtain that often leaves puddles of water on the floor. If you would like to save time and be more efficient in the bathroom, then a shower cabin is a good choice for you.

Easier maintenance – and better hygiene

With a shower enclosure or cabin, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance, either. In most walk-in or built-in showers, mildew and bacteria can form and accumulate because of water splashing onto the wall of the bathroom. Since shower cabins are fully enclosed and are encased in a special type of glass or other strong material (sometimes with features that prevent limescale or mould buildup), you need not be anxious about bacteria and mould accumulation. You’ll have a much cleaner, more hygienic shower area that is also equipped with whatever you need.

Advanced features

As mentioned above, shower enclosures and cabins today come with plenty of features. Some of the higher quality ones are even equipped with chrome-finished accessories, multi-function hand showers, shower bars, glass shelving, and – the best part – adjustable water jets. You can even choose to equip your shower cabin with its own shower seat or stool and iPod, mp3, and CD functions for a completely pleasant and relaxing shower experience.

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